Daily Stuff 6-24-12 Final Post

By: CoastalAnja, 03:38 PM GMT on Ιούνιος 24, 2012

This newsletter has become a blog at http://ancientlightshop.wordpress.com/

Daily Stuff 6-21-12 3rd day of Jan Kupalo

By: CoastalAnja, 04:36 PM GMT on Ιούνιος 21, 2012

Hi, folks!Crones’ Tea at 3pm. Last Wicca 103 class at 5pm. The computer says that it’s overcast, but tell that to the view outside my study window! Lost of bright pink in the retaining wall in with that beautiful new green of the rose leaves, lot of spots of gold and orange and purple in the herb garden….granted the sunlight comes and goes, but I wouldn’t call that overcast. A towhee is in the tray that we put bread cubes on. The tray is empty, but he’s pe...

Daily Stuff 6-20-12 Litha

By: CoastalAnja, 02:34 PM GMT on Ιούνιος 20, 2012

May the blessing of the Bright One, the Brightener of Mornings,be upon you and all you love.Laughter of the running hours be yours, and with the brow of brightness may you comehome in joy. -- Adapted from The Celtic Devotional by Caitlin MatthewsHi, folks!Esbat tonight, 7pmLitha! Summer Solstice at 4:09pm. Yesterday was two seconds longer than the day before. Today is going to be about 1 second longer than tomorrow. “The Sun Stands Still” is the name of this tim...

Daily Stuff 6-12-12 Eve of Jan Kupalo

By: CoastalAnja, 07:20 PM GMT on Ιούνιος 19, 2012

Hi, folks!Wicca 104 tonight at 7pm at Anja’s.It’s alternating between dark with a steady rain, and bright with an aggressive mist…. 55F and not likely to get all that much warmer. It didn’t yesterday. For some reason the predicted highs aren’t nearly happening. A better predictor for the last week would have been to start with whatever temp at 10am and add 5 degrees for the high…..Tempus put out some stale bread and a bunch of ravens were in and out for ...

Daily Stuff 6-18-12

By: CoastalAnja, 05:25 PM GMT on Ιούνιος 18, 2012

Hi, folks!Wicca 101 this evening, starts at around 4:30. It’s already 55, but it’s green and drippy. A little sunlight came through earlier, but not now. I just dropped Tempus off at the shop. They’re tearing the siding off of our building, and the parking lot on our side is a mess. If you go to stop by today, park on Willow or even back around the corner. You won’t have an easy time getting through around from the parking on 34. ..Hmm… might even be easie...

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