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Summer in Feb.

By: WatchinTheSky, 05:20 AM GMT on Ιανουάριος 21, 2012

Feb 4 early afternoon

Another weekend, another high pressure event. Still no rain. January was a big letdown and February is not starting any better (if one was looking for rain!). Today looks to peak around 76 degrees and sunny - very low humidity (in the teens), only white in the sky are contrails. At least the 'big game' is not until 3:30 Sunday so lots off outside time before having to go inside for the rest of the day to catch the new SB commercials, not so excited about the teams this year.

Saw a tweet from number one daughter that 'it's so clear I can see buildings on Catalina' from Laguna Nigel.

Seems there is a slight chance for rain Tuesday-Wednesday. At least maybe it won't be so dry!

Must have 15-20 desert willow seedlings popping up. Not seeing any Humboldt lily seedlings yet, they are so difficult!

Getting excited for Red Rock country in 4 days. Hoping for some nice photo ops, scenery will be great.

Jan 28 1:30 ish PM

Well, we are well into NOT rain, in fact the opposite in my book. A mild to strong Santa Ana has set up, not as windy as predicted here - but breezy. Temps in the low 80s, very low humidity, and very clear skies. Excellent to be out weeding at the Animal Park or feeding the hummingbirds in the backyard. Unfortunately, it is so nice the bees have come back to poach from the feeders, grrrr.

Seems a bit early (I'll have to check) but the California Poppies are starting to bloom.

I'm hoping we get some more rain this 'winter'!

January 20, 9 PM ish..
A clear and starry night out as I wait for the storm that was bringing advisories a couple days ago, now, though we still have 100% chance of rain, the system appears to losing steam. As I wait, I reflect on this rain season. I reset my gauge in July, as many do. Our rain does not really start until November with only an inch average. Winter is our rainy time and February is the wettest with just over 3 inches average.
My gauge is at 4.45 which is close to normal to date, but that is not telling the story. We had a wet November, then below normal December, and January is sitting at .12" (instead of over 2") so far. An atypical season thus far and with the coming system slacking and Monday's storm seemingly now off the radar, so to speak, we could be less than 10% of normal for January.
Last year we had almost double the normal rainfall, this year could be less than half - if things don't turn around.
I'll latch on to some of sp's optimism on the rain for Saturday while I enjoy PSP and BC's snow photos. Good reminder that it really is winter! Not seeing snow for calpoppy for a while. I think Alaska would be a cool trip, Mrs WTS has been (February no less, though it was mild - 40s), I'm thinking summer would be nice :)
Speaking of Mrs, she's at Lake Havasu and got a cool photo (work related).

Updated: 09:49 PM GMT on Φεβρουάριος 04, 2012


Brand New Year

By: WatchinTheSky, 10:20 PM GMT on Ιανουάριος 02, 2012

Jan 2 2012 1ish PM Monday but seems like Sunday.

A new year to make of it what we will. Seems many people are glad to be rid of last year (if you believe news reports), it was a pretty good year for us and I hope for all of my WUfriends. If not , I hope this year is much better.

The summery weather is ushering out the holidays - mid to upper 80s just 20 miles from the coast, very clear skies, low humidity and slight breezes. A bit of fog has hung a long the immediate coastline for a couple days. Looks like the next week is the same, up and down a little, but much the same.

Getting ahead a little, but looking forward to starting up the garden, and starting some desert willow and Humboldt lily from seed. This time for sure for the lilies!


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